Using quick connect hoses, and the optional trailer, your Heatsink transformer cooler can be transferred easily. The air cooled oil coolers are designed to dissipate heat from the oil of generator Transformer cooler.

We are able to totally upgrade your cooling configuration, which could include removing external transformer cooler bank arrangements and supplying modern tank fittings. The tank has lifting lugs for lifting the transformer and at least four jacking points an the lower part if the tank for lifting by hydraulic jacks.

Designates the output which a transformer cooler can deliver at rated voltage and frequency without exceeding a specified temperature rise. We’ve built our business on the superiority of the integral mono aluminum fin tube in transformer cooler design.

The following types of transformer cooler are available:

  • Power Station Cooler Systems

  • Industrial Air-Cooler Systems

  • Diesel & Gas Engine Cooler

  • Modular Standard Cooler

  • Transformer Oil Cooler

  • Generator cooler

  • Motor cooler

  • Air preheater

  • Air-cooled condenser

  • Air heater

  • Air cooler

Similarly in transformer coolers are used to cool transformer oil by air or water. These transformers coolers play an important role in smooth functioning of main equipments.
An efficient transformer cooler manufacturer will loose less power through heat and operate at a cooler temperature.