ELECTRO SWITCH (Miniature, electrical, rotary, etc.)

From critical applications like life support systems and massive data
communications centers to every day necessities like street lighting,
people depend on the performance of an electrical switch. When you
select a switch or relay from Electroswitch, you’re gaining the benefit
of over 50 years of experience. The primary supplier of rugged,
high-quality products for electrical utilities, nuclear power plants
and the U.S. Navy, Electroswitch has the knowledge to meet the
intricacies of any application with quality, reliability and
performance. With Electroswitch, there’s... “Never A Doubt”.

When we say we have a full line of products we mean exactly that. Our
switches and relays are built in three family groups: Detent, Cam
Action, and Snap Action. Within the Detent and Cam Action groups we
combine manual and remote or SCADA operated designs with standard
components in almost limitless configurations to provide literally
millions of different models. The objective is not to see how many
different switches we can build, but to allow you to choose without
compromise or tradeoff the best switch for your particular applications.